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Trip advisor now deleting posts that I made answering questions about this website.

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Helping the non-smoker: The Website received its first anti-smoking rants on the 25th August 2017. The sender was unable to use paragraphs and to be honest, it was too much of a hassle to read. So for those who wish to send rants, send them somewhere else as they will go unread, unless you want to read it. Here's the rant.


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Alternative to smoking: Vaping   ¦  Alternative to Smoking: Nicotine Gum


If you are at an airport please provide us with feedback or/and pictures of the smoking facilities that you do/don't come across, this will help us expand more quickly with confirmed data. You can do this by going here.


Most pages have links to the official website of the airports, send them requests for smoking areas if they have none.


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