Smoking at Vienna International Airport (VIE)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted anywhere outside the terminals.

Feedback from Sebastian C. 2nd February 2017: Outside the Building you can smoke everywhere.

Official Airport Policy: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the buildings and on the terrace.

After Security Smoking

Update from Jerry UK, October 2022: The new 'Vienna Lounge', reachable after security and before passport control is, it seems the main lounge for most airlines with business class lounge access and is also pay per visit too. Apart from being a really good lounge it has a terrific outdoor smoking area on the terrace overlooking the runway. it is covered in case of rain, has some good outdoor chairs, was cleaned during my visit today and you can take drinks from the lounge outside too. on a pleasant day it was a very pleasant experience!

Update from Michael, February 2022: Generally speaking, all the smoking areas in restaurants are permanently closed due do non-smoking laws in Austria, so travelers have to rely on airport smoking facilities.

Terminal 1:

2024, May update from Michael F: Terminal 1 between the gates C and D there is a Vienna Lounge. They have a smoking terrace outside… but it is necessary to enter the lounge.

Vienna Lounge

Gate B

No smoking.

Gate C

Update from Zsuzsa S., June 2023: From C you have to take the train to go to the other terminals, so it is impossible to smoke.

Update from Manfred, August 2022: in VIE Airport there is no smoking in C and D. Only in F and G are smoking areas.

VIE smoking

Update from Christine, April 2022: Update 04-2022: There is no smoking area at gate c, they closed it forever after renovation.

Gate D 

Update from Stribor14, November 2022: At gates D there was a official guy who guided me to nearest smoking room near gate G16, about 10min walk. It's pretty far, but it is nearest one.

Update from Manfred, August 2022: in VIE Airport there is no smoking in C and D. Only in F and G are smoking areas.

VIE smoking

Terminal 3:

Update from Denis, July 2023: I confirm smoking points between gates F33 and F34 today, 19 July 2023. And thanks for your service.

Update from Dave, March 2023: Busy but ventilated smoking rooms x 2 at gates F33 and F34. 22/3/23.

Update from Costa, February 2023: Large outdoor area complete with ashtrays at the Vienna lounge (Star alliance+ British club members).

Update from Andrei, August 2022: Confirm smoking area near F33

Update from Andrea, June 2022: The two smoking areas at T3 gates F34 and F35 are still open. There is a smoking cabin before entering the Sky Lounge (see picture) but it can only be accessed by lounge clients

VIE smoking area

Gate F: (Schengen)

Update from Eva K., Oct 2023: at Vienna airport, gate F, smoking F32 and F 33 still

Update from Jim B, August 2023: Found two smoking booths at Vienna airport at F37.

Update from WEI, June 2023: Confirm smoking lounge at gate F32-F33

Vienna Airport smoking

Update from MGeorgiev, September 2022: Smoking area at F32-34.

Update from Heidi, July 2022: 2 x smoking areas still open as of Jul 22, next to Gates F34 & F35.

Update from Michael, February 2022: For Schengen departures and connections, some smoking areas have closed, there are two left at gates F34 and F35 just opposite each other. They are clearly marked from all parts of the terminal. As they are located at the far end of the terminal you'll have to do some walking if departing from a lower gate number. Be advised that moving walkways are only available towards the smoking areas and not for the return, so you'll have to allow some extra time. This is especially true if you are on a tight intra-Schengen connection arriving and leaving from lower gate numbers.

Departing passengers from lower gates might choose to smoke outside the terminal (check the length of security wait lines).
Alternatively, when leaving security heading for duty free, you might turn left and use the escalator to head for both the Austrian Airlines and SKY lounge. For the latter, there is a smoking booth right before the front desk. Don't even think about goingt there, having a smoke wanting to purchase access and then change your mind and head to the gate without purchasing.

VIA smoking areas

Vienna airport terminal 3 smoking area is beside Gate F32. Feedback from Jessica on the 29th December 2017.

Gate G: (International (Non-Schengen)

Update from , September 2023: Confirmed, small lounge and very good ventilated, clean, perfect, perfect place to be, you can grab a beer 5 minutes away

VIE smoking

Update from Kim, August 2023: There are still 2 Smoking Areas at G Gates, after Security and Passport Control (Non-Schengen), near Gate 16 and 32.

VIE smoking area

Update from MGeorgiev, September 2022: Smoking areas at sector G are functioning at G16 and G32 today - 6th of September 2022.

Update from Michael, February 2022: In Terminal 3, for international departures you'll find smoking areas located at gates G16 and G32, so you're all good.

VIA smoking VIA smoking

Update from Candice, Feb 2020: Confirmed smoking room between Gates 15 and 16. February 2020. In fact, Austria is a (strangely) very smoking friendly country so I'm pretty sure there will be smoking rooms at ALL gates

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