Smoking at Hamburg Airport (HAM)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals. There are smoking cabins at baggage reclaim. See map below.

After Security Smoking

As of the 1st July 2021, all smoking areas have reopened, update from Dietmar, Aug 2021.

Terminal 1 & 2:

Update from Daniel, June 2022: Hamburg Closed all Smoker Cabins and reopened a new Lucky Strike Smoking Lounge between Gate A18 and A17, its located after security check.

Update from David, June 2022: Smoking area between gates A17 and A18 are available. Photos below:

hamburg smoking HAM smoking

Update from Charlie H., 24th Sept 2019: I can confirm that the Lufthansa Business Lounge (Terminal 2) over at Gate A20 has a smoking room. 

Hamburg, Germany, T2. 25-April-2019. The cabin at gate A33 is still there but blocked by construction band. Unable to tell if this is temporary. Cabin at gate C15 has been removed.

There is a cabin near gate C8. It's upstairs on the second floor. Update and image below from Horst K. April 2019.

There is a huge smoking area in the Pier 1 restaurant in T2 at the A gates. You even can bring your food and a beer in with you. It's excellent. Feedback from Brian O'B on the 5th September 2017.

There are smoking cabins at Gate A33, Pier C15 and baggage reclaim

There maybe smoking areas in the Lufthansa senator and the Business lounge.

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