Smoking at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK)

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Before Security Smoking

Before security you can smoke Curb Side.

Smoking after security in the Soekarno-Hatta airport terminals is prohibited, except in the designated smoking lounges.

After Security Smoking

Locations :

Terminal 1

1. Central Corridor Departure Terminal 1C
2. Arrival Curb Side P2

Photos of Terminal 1 smoking ares below are from Steve McK.


Terminal 2

Update from Snowwhite, December 2022: There is a smoking room in a bar walking along E gates (see photo) and a smoking lounge right after, next to gate E1.

CGK smoking CGK smoking

Update from Mainy, Jan 2020: Coffee Bean cafe has a smoking area.

Update from Robert K. on the 3rd Sept: Still one big smoking room in the gates area, and 2 smoking rooms in the Garuda Indonesia Lounge.

1. Central Corridor Departure Terminal 2F
2. Arrival Curb Side
3. Shelter Bus (Public Area) 2F

Terminal 3 - Arrivals

Update from Snowwhite, December 2022: An open air smoking area right outside Terminal 3.

Terminal 3 - Departures

Update from Kory C. on the 2nd Feb 2019: Smoking areas at Gate 2 and 8. Well hidden but right beside boarding desks

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