Smoking at Tampa International Airport (TPA)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is permitted outside only. From the Landside Terminal, go out any exit door on Level 1, Level 2 or the Smoking Patio on Level 3.

After Security Smoking

There were six smoking areas past security. Information is now outdated, all Terminal are supposed to have a smoking patio passed security, updates would be appreciated.

Main Terminal

No Smoking areas

Airside A

Update from Sara, November 2022: The smoking patio at gate A18 still exists.

Beside Gate 18

Airside C

Update from B, March 2022: Smoking area still here, except now it is by gate 30, not 45!

Update from Michael, Nov 2021: There is smoking in terminal C just past gate 31 to the right, big signs on roof

Update from Chuck, August 2021: The smoking area in Terminal C across from Gate 45 is now a Service Animal Relief Area no smoking allowed.

Airside E

Update from NorthernWind, Feb 2022: Smoking area by gate 75 is now only for service animals, no smoking. Can confirm E62 does have a small smoking area in the very back corner exactly as mentioned on this site. Wouldn't have found it with you. Thank you.

Beside Gate 75 and opposite Gate 62 (beside Four Green Fields)

Airside F

2024, May update from  Smokey: June 15th, 2024. Outside smoking area past security right across from gate F88 and a bar! Its a beautiful thing.

TPA smoking

Update from Unknown, August 2022. The smoking area is still in the same place at terminal F.

Common lighters are permitted in carry-on baggage.

Travelers may also carry one book of safety matches on their person or in carry-on baggage.

Torch lighters and “strike anywhere” matches are prohibited.

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