Smoking at Zaventem - Brussels Airport (BRU)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal A

Update from Wiktor T., March 2024: The A67 smoking area will be closed for maintenance until 15.03.2024, leaving only the one at A30 open. attached the photo with a nice map of smoking areas after security on brussels airport.

Update from Wulf, Jan 2024: A30 downstairs is correct! go past A31 and you should see the booth on the left-hand side.

Update from Nico_CH, Nov 2023: smoking booth still open Terminal: (A gates (No Schengen) (late NOV 2023)) near gate A30 (downstairs) !! No signs in the terminal to guide you.

Brussels smoking area

Update from Jim B, August 2023: Can confirm smoking area is open at A30 downstairs.

Update from Andrea, March 2023: Two smoking booths are still available near gate A30 downstairs.

BRU smoking

Update from Henrik S., 30th Aug 2019: Also at gate A30 downstairs are two smoking rooms

Update from HaenschenGlueck, Aug 2019: Feedback from Chris is only partially correct. After 2pm every passenger in Terminal A can access the respective terminal area and the smoking room next to A67.

Update: Smoking room next to gate T67 you can only access if your flight is from  T61 to T74. Feedback from Chris on the 22nd June 2018.

Update from Soma on the 22nd March 2018: At gate A67 there is a small and really smoky smoking area.

Little update from James on the 4th December 2017: At Brussels airport in Terminal A, there is a smoking area between gate 65 and 67. As mentioned on your site and the official airport page, it is locked up at some times, however the time seems to vary. I was not able to get in at 1.30pm, but was able at 2pm.

Terminal B

You cannot go from Terminal A to B without a valid Ticket for Terminal B.

Only smoking areas are at gates B, as mentioned by others users. I just used one by gate B17. There is nothing at gate A. Gate A is between B and H. There is another smoking place at H37 but you can not pass the security check unless you board a plane off H. Therefore smoke before leaving Gates B. Updates from Felix L. on the 6th September 2017.

Reports suggest that only are two smoking areas in the airport airside. You will find them in pier B near gate 39 and at the end of pier A.

Note: Due to restrictions the pier A is not accessible after 2pm except for international flights from Africa and the USA

Thanks to Kris Van Beckhoven for this information

Additional notes:

Official Information:

In Belgium, smoking is public areas, including airports, is prohibited except if a dedicated smoking room is available. This ban also applies to electronic cigarettes.

Brussels Airport provides two dedicated smoking rooms airside to meet the needs of long-haul and connecting passengers. You will find them in pier B near gate 17 and in pier A near gate 63.

Attention: Gates 61 to 72 in pier A have a double use. Until ± 2 pm these gates are used for non-Schengen flights to Africa and the USA. The area from A/T61 to gate A/T72 is then closed off and is not accessible for passengers flying to a destination in the Schengen area (The countries that signed the Schengen Treaty are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland). This means that Schengen passengers can only use the smoking room in pier A as from 2 pm or later, depending on operations.

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