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Smoking in the Peoples Republic of China's Airports


Special administrative regions of China

Hong Kong  Macau

Divisions (regions) of China

Anhui   Bejing   Chongquing   Fujian   Gansu   Guangdong 

Guangxi   Guizhou   Hainan   Hebei   Heilingjiang   Henan

Hubei   Hunan   Inner Mongolia   Jiangsu   Jiangxi   Jilin   Liaoning  

Ningxia   Qinghai   Shaanxi   Shandong   Shanghai   Shanxi

Sichuan   Tianjin  Tibet   Xinjiang  Yunnan   Zhejiang

Smoking Law

Note: Whereas there is a National Smoking Ban in China and Hong Kong for all hotels you can still book a smoking room if you contact the hotel Concierge directly.  The reservations line or booking web sites will show that smoking is prohibited. Feedback from William C. on the 4th May 2018.

China: As of 1st May 2011 A new national smoking ban, which extends to all enclosed public areas is in force.

Hong Kong: Smoke-free regulations include indoor workplaces, most public places including restaurants, Internet cafés, public lavatories, beaches and most public parks.

Some bars, karaoke parlors, saunas and nightclubs are exempt

Macau: here is a total indoor ban on smoking.