Smoking at Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Barcelona BCN T1, cafe/bar outside with big terrace confirmed near Burger King, 90% certain it was near A22. Update from Chris on the 6th June 2018.

Update from DBi on the 9th May 2018: In the airport you have smoking areas while going to gates A,B,C. Its outside. If you need to take international flight (gate D and E), wait downstairs otherwise you cannot smoke anymore.

Just to confirm the smoking area next to the Costa Coffee in T1 is still there, unfortunately there are no signs leading to it. Just follow signs to Costa Coffee. Feedback from Matt on the 24th Jan 2018.

Latest feedback provided by Filip on the 12th June 2017: Confirming smoking area at Terminal 1. After the security check go downstairs, to the left and soon you will see exit doors to a large terrace, where is possible to smoke and there are also several pubs, so you can have a beer or a drink and a cigarette :)

From Lyad F.: There are at least two smoking areas in Terminal 1.

One open air smoking area is located at the Gates C area, at the Haagen Dazs cafe.

The second is located beginning of the Gates A area, where the Costa Coffee Cafe is located. Near Lizarran Restaurant.

Unfortunately there are no signs leading to the smoking areas.  15/09/2016 06h00

Word from Jorg R. - Just to confirm, BCN T1 still has the outside smoking area. After security go downstairs, to the left. Reason I know: I'm smoking there at this same moment ;-) 28-08-2016

We have received word from a fellow traveller called Joe who has kindly informed us that there is still a large outdoor smoking area after security in Terminal 1. 08-10-2013.

Tip from Terry: Barcelona T1 (newer terminal) has indeed a large outdoor smoking area BUT ONLY for gates A, B and C...which I used before. Last week I was flying from gate D (same rules for gate E) and for whatever reason here you have no access to get downstairs (believe me I tried) to smoke. So for any smokers flying out of T1 BCN, check which gate area you depart from...A,B or C...your OK, D or E and you need to read this carefully...Immediately after clearing security you go left for D, right for E, or downstairs for A, B or C...GO DOWNSTAIRS!!! You can get back up again (as far as I know) and besides A,B and C have ALL the shops, only McDonalds and small store for D area, much better spending your time downstairs. 

Images of Smoke Areas

Passenger Terminal. level 2, smoking area BCN

Passenger Terminal. level 2, smoking area BCN

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