Smoking at Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1:

Update from Andrew, January 2023: Smoking by Starbucks outside terrace still there.

You can smoke at terminal 1 next to 'La Botiga' and 'Fridays'. You can go outside there. Update from Jan B., Nov 2019.

Photo of smoking area/terrace at Barcelona, from Eric T on the 15th Sept 2019:

Update from Matteo P on the 30th Aug 2019: Smoking area in terrace in front of Starbucks

Update from Grant S. on the 1st Feb 2019: After Security, head down the escalator or lift. Take a right and follow the signs for Mediterranean Terrace. Voila!

If you need gates D and E, you can take the stairs back up to Security and turn left or right depending which you need

Feedback from Coti L. on the 25th Sept 2018: I wanted to share that there are 3 smoking areas in Barcelona El Prat, all of them downstairs, 2 in boarding gates A (im in one near A22 just after Zara) and there’s another terrace in boarding gates C, none in B

Barcelona BCN T1, cafe/bar outside with big terrace confirmed near Burger King, 90% certain it was near A22. Update from Chris on the 6th June 2018.

Update from DBi on the 9th May 2018: In the airport you have smoking areas while going to gates A,B,C. Its outside. If you need to take international flight (gate D and E), wait downstairs otherwise you cannot smoke anymore.

Tip from Terry: Barcelona T1 (newer terminal) has indeed a large outdoor smoking area BUT ONLY for gates A, B and C...which I used before. Last week I was flying from gate D (same rules for gate E) and for whatever reason here you have no access to get downstairs (believe me I tried) to smoke. So for any smokers flying out of T1 BCN, check which gate area you depart from...A,B or C...your OK, D or E and you need to read this carefully...Immediately after clearing security you go left for D, right for E, or downstairs for A, B or C...GO DOWNSTAIRS!!! You can get back up again (as far as I know) and besides A,B and C have ALL the shops, only McDonalds and small store for D area, much better spending your time downstairs. 

Terminal 2:

Update Ulysses, January 2023: You can smoke in Terminal 2. there is a new terrace near McDonalds between terminal 2c et 2b.

Just to let you know that there is no smoking area at T2 on Barcelona El Prat. We asked 3 different staff members and they finally sent us out. ���� Update from Lubov C. on the 9th Oct 2018.

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