Smoking at Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking


Update from Bjorn H, May 2022: The smoking lounge at bag collection is closed.

Update from Dawn H. on the 17th July 2019: There is a smoking lounge in the bag collection area. It’s actually not a bad glass room. The door is a sliding door and it sticks.

There is a smoking area at arrivals in the Segafredo restaurant.

There are plenty of smoking facilities inside the terminal. They are:

Public Departures Area

Lavazza Cafe, Take off in the food court, Brioche Doree, Route 96 restaurant


Update from Bjorn H, May 2022: All lounges in the international departure terminal are still open. and a nice smoking lounge in the Tarom business lounge.

Expressamente (Domestic departures)

Brioche Doree (Gates 4 - 6)

Momenti Peroni (Gates 7- 11)

Burger King (Gates 24 – 29)

Feedback from Danny 21st July 2017:  5 out of 5: sensibly sized regular smoking rooms. What a pleasure.

Feedback from Silviu C. 3/10/2016: At Bucharest OTP airport there is at least one smoking place close to any terminal. These are enclosed comfortable places belonging (and being taken care off) to bars but you are not really obliged to buy something from them. Otherwise smoking is only allowed outside the terminal, past security. I think OTP is one of the friendliest airports with smokers. Enjoy!

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