Smoking at Cairo International Airport (CAI)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1

Update from Lukas, Nov 2023: found a Smoking room at Terminal 1 Departure Hall 2 at Cairo International Airport. It is Right Next to the only Cafe at the Departure Hall.

The room is really fancy with nice Stone floor. A display for flight Status and a Sauna-like sitting possibility. 8/10.

A Smoking facility is also available in terminal 1. No details at present.

Terminal 2

Update from Francesco, February 2022: I found a smoker room on the 2th floor near food corner area

A Smoking facility is also available in terminal 2. No details at present.

Terminal 3

Update from Maximinimus, September 2022: Found a large smoking room next to Gate G28. Very spacious and clean. Did not even smell like smoke when I was there, which is a first for me. Allround great experience!

Update from Mrs. Pedersen, June 2020: BELL'S Restaurant & Cafe is open and smoking is permitted in the café if you buy something. Large latte is 75 EGP. Its located right before all the F gates. Free smoking lounges are closed and locked.

Update from Igor, Feb 2020: I found a smoking room next to gate F 2, you need to take an elevator to go to 2nd floor

Smoking is allowed in several places on the third flour of terminal 3.


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