Smoking at Kastrup, Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Imre T., Jan 2024: Last weekend I was at the Copenhagen Airport, I would like to update. The airport has a smoking terrace near the restaurants at the A gates, after the security control, before the passport control.

Update from Peter H, Jan 2022: New outdoor smoking area in non-schengen next to gate E136.

Update from Elizabet1dk, Oct 2021: you can smoke in Copenhagen airport in an outdoor designated area between gate A and B.
and also in boxes placed in connection with Gate C and D. Both smoking places are after security.

Update from Aeronaut, July 2021: CPH airport now has a smoking terrace by the D-gates

Official Information from airport

It is allowed to smoke outdoors in several clearly designated smoking areas. Partially at the yellow smoking zones between the doors outside Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, and additionally at the two outdoor smoking-terraces, respectively situated next to the entrance to the B-gates and close to gate E135 after Security.

Two smoking cabins are also to be found after the passport control at the C-gates, right above 7/11.


The same rules apply for smoking of E-cigarettes.

It can be hard for fellow travellers and the airport staff to distinguish between normal cigarettes and E-cigarettes, and we have chosen this solution to avoid unfortunate situations, where passengers smoking E-cigarettes will be accused of disobeying the airport smoking policies.

Terminal Map

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Other Smoking areas:

Update from Thaisk., Dec 2019: Copenhagen CPH airport, now has smoking cabins in the Non Schengen area

Update from Rene H., Nov 2019: New smoking box in finger D just after passport control and up of the stairs d101.

Update from Simon R., April 2019: Lovely outside smoking terrace half covered . Beside the bar / restaurant “ Cock and Cows” towards the A gates. They allow you to take your drink outside .

Update from Jurijs V. on the 27th Feb 2019: Smoking area at Copenhagen airport, Terminal 3, after passport control. Take escalator to second floor behind 7-eleven. Area for accessing gates C15-C40, D101-D104.

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