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Smoking at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Espace Fumeurs, CDG.

Smoking is permitted in designated areas outside the terminals and reports suggest there are a few in the terminal also.

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Terminal 1:

Update from Glenn B, April 2019: Paris CDG Airport Terminal 1 After passport control but before security check Smoking is at Level 10. Take elevators located by Laduree and Hermes. Also the Lounges of icare/Star alliance (level 10) and Qatar Lounge (Level 11) have their own separate open air smoking facilities.

(Level 10 smoking lounge)

Feedback from Troy on the 24th March 2018:

  • Smoking rooms (there are 2 in the same area but only one has been open during my last trips) are located on level 10 near the 1st and Business Star Alliance lounges.

There are smoking areas : 

  • Near gates 50 to 58 on Boarding level

I would like to inform you that there is also a smoking area after security located next to the Icare lounge. Take the lift up to floor 10 and it is there. Feedback from Jean-Marc C. on the 4th December 2017.

Level 11 (up to Boarding level, elevator between Information terminal and passenger orientation and Travelex (currency exchange / Tax refund))

Smoking at Gates 50-58

Terminal 2A:

Update from Felix, April 2019: There is no smoking boot between gate 41 and 43 as previously reported. However there are 2 booths between 47 an 48 just up the stairs in front of "Fauchon restaurant". I am here right now. Images below:

Update from Troy S. on the 11th Jan 2019: PARIS CDG 2A:

After Gate A48, upstairs by Fauchon / El Al Lounge (inside glass box). Also upstairs between Hermes & Prada by CP/AA/Emirates/Etihad Lounges (outside garden smoking area) HONG KONG T1: By W1 Transfer Desk, Gates 1-4 No smoking area (10 minute walk to closest between Gates 25/27), Gates 15-19 No smoking area (10-minute walk to closest between Gates 25/27), Gates 20-36 smoking area downstairs between Gates 25/27, downstairs by VIP Lounge between gates 29/31, Gates 40-50 between gates 41/43.  Gate concourse 60-71 at Gates 61 & 64.  Satellite concourse Gates 501-510 behind elevators near Gate 510 toward Observation Deck.

Smoking heaven airside:

Feedback from Stephen on the 12th April 2018:

I found 3 separate airside smoking areas but non are clearly signposted.

  1. Outside already noted by someone is next to the main lounges Take the lift opposite main Duty Free (tobacco / alcohol). At the top it’s signposted.

  2. Games area near McDonalds. Go down stairs into games area for 2 smoking cabins (this is towards C gates from centre).

  3. Next to Fauchon Resto. In the A gates look for Fauchon then take stairs or lift up for 3 smoking cabins

Terminal 2B:

Update from Grega, September 2021: Just wanted to let you know that there's a smoking area after passport control in 2B at CDG, in the far corner away from the passport booth, opposite gate B20.

CDG smoking 2B

Update from Michael K, July 2021:  Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Terminal 2B, Smoking area directly after Duty Free left next to toilets. Really nice!

Terminal 2C:

Smoking area near McDonald’s, map below.

Terminal 2D:

Smoking area near the gate 58. ground level, outside. Update from Liisa A. on the 4th April 2019.

D62/63 first level. Large Smokers area. Verified 17th April 2018. Feedback from Tom C.

Feedback from Troy on the 24th March 2018:

  • A secured smoking area is located downstairs near gate 58.

An open-space smoking area is located on the ground-floor shortly before the lounge and passport controls.

The area is actually located on the aircraft parking area, with an open roof.

Feedback from Frederic on the 8th August 2017.

Terminal 2E:

Update from Felix, Sept 2021: There are 2 smoking areas in the middle, at K41 and K45 but busy and smokey, there are also 2 at the end, at K31 and K54, nobody in, very clean. Picture of the one at K31 attached.

CDG Terminal 2E smoking area

Update from Pamela, Feb 2020: Smoking places next to gates 31 and 41. they are at the open air.

Update, Nov 2019 from Duncan C.: Renovations underway! There is a small room behind the Relay store at gate L23

Update from Scott on the 21st June 2019: Smoking room just before walking through duty free at M gates (just near the escalators from the shuttle train. Not bad. No seating.

Update from Alexader: As of May 9th. Relatively nice smoking room at gate K39

Update from Rob J.: As of May 7th, 2019. There is a smoking area in 2E adjacent to L29.  There is also another smoking area by L45. It's very small but does the job.  Photo below

espace fumeurs- cdg

Update from Nick, April 2019: Smoking room in terminal 2E adjacent to gate L45. Tiny crowded hallway but does the job

Update from Troy S. on the 11th Jan 2019: K Gates - By Relay Newsstand then downstairs across from K39 / Downstairs between K30-K31 / Downstairs across from K47 / By K45 PARIS CDG 2E: In Baggage Claim by belt 31 TOKYO HANEDA Arrivals: No smoking area until after customs. Smoking room to left of cash exchange & ATMs TOKYO HANEDA Departures: After check-in counters before immigration.  After immigration and security: several smoking rooms throughout gate areas and in Sakura Lounge PARIS ORLYW: By Gate 10P to the left of the toilets in the M-P gate annex.  7 minute walk to gate 10A.

Update 10th August 2018 from Lee S.: I found new smoking area near AF service counter in pier L. It is located behind the line for security of pier L. It will be good for those who use free CDG lounge nearby. Photos below.

Located behind the line for security of pier L.


Terminal 2F:

Next to gates F21 and F46 are two places to smoke after security. Update from Mark on the 14th Aug 18.

Feedback from Troy on the 24th March 2018:

  • At gate area F21-F26: Downstairs,

  • o right at vending machines between Hermès & Royal Quartz.,

  • Smoking room is to the right at the bottom of the stairs / escalators.

  • At gate area F47-56: smoking room is downstairs across from the restrooms.

Terminal 2G:

Smoking area in main Waiting Area, just at top of stairs after coming through security, on back wall by Espace Business. Update from Sean C. on the 2nd May 2018. Photo below.

Smoking area confirmed Terminal 2G main waiting / store area. Located at the far end away from gate area.  Update from Bill M (7th January 2017):

Terminal 3:

Update from Estelle D. on the 3rd Dec 2017: This is to confirm there is a smoking area after the security in front of gate 8. It is a huge area compared to many other airports and open. See pictures.

Between Gates 29 and 31 and at Gate 33.

Gate - K45, provided by Chris G. 17th Feb 2017. We believe this is now closed.

 Smoking area Charles de Gaulle at Terminal 2E - Gate - K45  Smoking area Charles de Gaulle at Terminal 2E - Gate - K45  smoking area Charles de Gaulle at Terminal 2E - Gate - K45    

Gate 8, smoking area, photos provided by Estelle D.


Smoking areas: Main one at the entrance at Terminal 3E gates M have a large  20+ smoking lounge. The others are T gate 31 and 35 are smaller. 


Update from Linda for connecting flights 30th December 2016: Smoking area just before entering L gates security, when making connecting flight.

According to the law, CDG is a smoke-free airport. However, smoking is permitted in designated areas located airside (after security).

This has been confirmed by Anita on the 4th November 2016.

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