Smoking at Orly Airport (ORY)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Update from Ory, June 2022: Before security check, smoke only possible outside in designate areas.

After Security Smoking

Terminal Orly 1, 2:

Update from Ory, June 2022: Smoking area at Gate 22, located at the end of the terminal, passed the security check!

Level 1 – departures: one smoking area in front of A11/12 gates

It is possible to smoke inside the airport near Gate B15. Feedback from Fabio on the 10th June 2017

Level 0 – arrivals: one smoking area near BUY PARIS DUTY FREE shop

terminal ouest 

Terminal Orly 3:

2024, May update from Balázs: Smoking area still exists at Gate B after security. You have to go up one floor to the relaxing space (there is an elevator)

ORY smoking area

Update from Dan, Nov 2023: Hey there, thank you so much for providing a lot of useful information! Just wanted to confirm that the smoking area in Orly Paris, Terminal 3, next to the entrance of E6 (Transavia gate) still exists!

ORY smoking

Update from Maria, March 2023: Terminal 3 smoking area next to gate E06

Latest feedback from Stephen on the 12th April 2018: I was at Orly 2G Smoking area airside at one end (instructions not needed to find it)

According to Airport terminal maps there are two smoking areas in this terminal. See below.

Reports suggest that there are several smoking areas in the airport near gates A11 and A23 in the international area.

The Icare lounge has an outdoor smoke area, unfortunately you have to pay for access, or be travelling business or 1st class.

We have confirmation from Jack that a smoking area is 100% present at gate A11, July 2016.

terminal sud   terminal sud arrivals

Terminal Orly 4

Update from Marta, Oct 2022: There is a smoking area after security check for F gates., to your left. And another one close to F26.

Update from Gary, Oct 2021: There is a smoking area airside on the F concourse to all gates. It's past the duty free shops and toilets on the left. It is outside and mostly protected from the elements, but it is not heated unless they move in portable heaters when it gets cold.

Update from Tapio, Sept 2020: First smoking area at the corridor on your left when walking towards F-gates. Second smoking area is front of the gate F25.

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