Smoking in Balice John Paul II International Airport, Kraków (KRK)

Krakow International Airport, Palarnia

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminal.

After Security Smoking

Feedback and photos from John P., Jan 2024: The only smoking cubicle is now by Gate 1 next to the IQOS one.


Update from Maiski , May 2023: 6-person smoking booth near gate 1. Photo Below

Update from John P, Dec 2021: Krakow's smoking cabinet is now even smaller and can only hold 4 people with a really tight squeeze (opposite gate 2 now).

Update from Patryk H, August 2021: Smoking cabinet by the gate 18 no longer there. No smoking area for gate 12-18 if u pass second border security.

Official Information from Airport, August 2021: Tak, palarnia jest otwarta, ale może w niej przebywać tylko jedna osoba. (Yes, the smoking room is open, but only one person is allowed in it.)

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