Smoking at Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal A:

Update July 2021 from Charlie

I can confirm the smoking area next to gate A8.  Also,  there is another outside the food court,  and a third  next to gate A16.

Pictures are of the sign next to gate A8,  the smoking area at gate A8, the sign at gate A16, and the smoking area there.   By the way, all the smoking areas are outside,  but post-security. 

Older Updates:

Update from Peter, June 2019: As of June 9, 2019 terminal A at Punta Cana Airport PUJ still has a smoking area right next to gate 8. It is so close to gate 8 that you could actually inhale show your boarding pass/ passport at the gate and exhale. Photo below.

Terminal A information has not been verified. Feedback would be appreciated.

Terminal B:

Update from Glenn B., Jan 2024: PUJ Terminal B After security In between gates 25 (left) and gate 26 (right) Very spacious with tables and chairs Open air Can watch planes taxiing.

Terminal B: There should be an outdoor area after security where you can smoke it is at the far end of the terminal past security there is an outside smoking area, uncovered and no climate control. Update from Charlie, 1st July 2017. Photo below was also provided by him.

terminal b smoking area 


Presently closed for departures.

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