Smoking at Sydney Airport (SYD)

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Vaping, Heat not Burn and E-Cigs with tobacco are also banned. See here.

Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside most of the terminals.

Update Nov 2019 from Richard C.: Just to update, there is an outdoor area at each end of terminal 1 near the drop off point. But no smoking inside the terminal at all. It is correct you can't smoke if in transit, unless you have enough time to leave the terminal (i.e. enter Australia) and then would need to redo immigration and security in plenty of time. I don't know how long their 'exit' is though.

Downstairs of T1 also has outdoor smoking in various places and the car parks areas, well signposted.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1, International

Update from Nico_CH, Nov 2023: Confirm on the 25.11.23, no smoking area inside the building (land-side or air-side / after security)   Smoking is only permitted outside on each level of Arrival and Departure at ends of the concourse (along side drop-off)

There are no smoking facilities inside or outside the terminal

Terminal 2: Domestic:

There are no smoking facilities inside or outside the terminal

Terminal 3: Quantas Domestic

Update from Blake, Dec 2018: If you are from OS and travelling domestic within Australia, qantas T3 is the only terminal that allows smoking right outside the terminal. Much more relaxing arrival or departure.   

For connecting flights you must enter Australia and smoke outside terminal then go through Security again for your flight.

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