Smoking at Aberdeen Airport (ABZ)

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Before Smoking Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Gary 2023: There is an airside smoking area. it charges £1, but does not take cash. You have to use your phone or a card, but you have to have those set up to use them. Theres no explanation of how to do that and nobody answered the help button.

Update from Tommy G, May 2022: Used the smoking area airside on the 17th of may 2022. you pay £1 by card and go through a security door which closes behind you before the door to the balcony opens

Feedback from P.H. on the 29th April 2018: ABZ does have the £1 smoking area still inside security, but you can knock on the door and if somebody is inside they will probably just let you in ;).

You can also smoke at the Granite Beer Garden, this is unfortunately before security.

Great news from one of our users Dave, as of the 3rd May 2013 a smoking area is now available airside. The cost though is £1 to enter it.

John Stallone also confirmed its existence in 2014.

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