Smoking at Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Update from Angie, Feb 2020: You won't see signs for it until you have gone through security, and through a long hall full of duty free shops. Keep going past the Starbucks and Saltaire lounge, then down the escalator or elevator. Then follow the signs. It's just an outdoor cage, no seating and no view. There is a big security gate blocking the door, but you can just walk through it. Pics below.

Update from Will, Feb 2020: Smoking area has now become free to use, due to feedback from customers, the turnstile now just spins freely.

Update: There is a smoking area airside. Go down the escalator from the main bar and it is clearly signed. It costs £1 to get in.

Thanks to Alex Johnson for this update.

Elavator to Promised Land, picture provided by John D. Oct 2018.

Elavator to Promised Land

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