Smoking at Heathrow Airport (LHR)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

The smoking facilities inside the terminal are listed below.

Electronic Cigarettes are also prohibited.

General update from Mo M on the 18th Feb 2019 (use at your own risk): If you are in a non-smoking terminal you can take the transfer bus to Terminal 4. Have your original itinerary to show Terminal 4 security before you go through it. Plan on at least 1 hour to and from travel time (I came from Terminal 2) as the bus has to wait for all planes leaving Terminal 4 and the bus route is clear.

Heathrow Terminal 1

No Smoking areas.

Heathrow Terminal 2

Update from Steven S,. August 2023: Heathrow Terminal 2 gate A1 smoking area open for business 1 minute walk from duty free.

Update from Oliver, July 2023: Lounge at T2 / Gate A1 still available!

Update from Michael, March 2023: I can confirm the smoking area next to gate A1 is still operational and also well-signed from the central plaza.

Update from DitchQueen. December 2022: Confirmed on Dec 2022 smoking area still behind A1 and in use

Update from Olga, September 2022: Smoking area next to the Gate A1 is open.

Update from Mike H., August 2022: Confirmed smoking area at T2 by A1 gate is still present.

Update from Dev, June 2022: Gate A1 smoking area still very much active.

LHR smoking at heathrow terminal 2

Update from Steven M, May 2022: Smoking Area next to gate A1 still open.

Update from Alex, Sept 2020: Great smoking area at Heathrow’s Terminal 2 post-security. Though outdoors due to smoking regs, it does have decent seating, is well protected from the elements and, possibly most importantly, has outdoor heaters (photos below)

Heathrow Terminal 3

Feedback from Ka Wing B,. May 2023: May 2023- Heathrow Terminal 3: No smoking rooms inside the airport. The only smoking area is outside entrance/exit F under the trees

LHR terminal 3 smoking

UPDATE: I can confirm that the smoking cage in the Heathrow Terminal 3 transit area has gone. Update from John s. on the 4th Feb 2019.

UPDATE: LHR: Smoking area at T3 Bus stop obviously doesn't exist any longer. When I went there on 1st Sept 2018 I did not see any sign and staff told me this area was closed. Maybe somebody else can confirm. Feedback from Robert K on the 3rd Sept 2018.

Heathrow Terminal 4

Update from John, July 2023: Smoking area still in place after security - clear sign for it on the way to gates 1-6. Before security there are clearly marked smoking areas outside departures and arrivals.

Update from World Traveller, March 2023: Fenced in outdoor smoking area (with heaters!) still available March 2023. Was told due to many Arabic airlines using T4 who just smoked in the toilets leading to fire alarm evacuations. LHR gave in in the end! Turn left and follow the overhead signs. Use the lift to avoid taking luggage down several flights of stairs. conveniently located between all gates, not at one end of the building. 5 minute max walk to any gate. Enjoy.

Update from Yelenna, February 2023: Smoking area after security is still there, corridor to the left and down the escalators after Burberry.

Update from David, December 2022: Smoking area in t4 still available.

Update from SM, 30th November 2022: Smoking room after security is still there next to Burberry. Last one left at any UK airport! Until the police state get their way!

Update from DD, August 2022: Still open in August 22. Turn left after security and follow the corridor between Burberry and the restaurant.

Update from Mikhail F, Feb 2020: Smoking lounge still exists.

Heathrow Terminal 5

Update from Alex, January 2023: Heathrow T5 no longer allow you to be decontrolled and leave the terminal once you have passed security. does not apply to passengers who are in transit between terminals.

Update from Glaaaab, October 2022: Gegenüber vom Gate A11 ist ein Zigarettenverkauf bei dem IQOS Heats "ausprobiert" werden können. Man muss eine seiner normalen Heats gegen eine andere Sorte tauschen und kann sie dann dort rauchen wenn man ein paar Fragen beantwortet. Stand: 30.10.22. (Opposite Gate A11 is a cigarette sale where IQOS Heats can be "tried out". You have to trade one of your normal heats for another strain and then you can smoke it there if you answer a few questions. Status: 10/30/22.)

From MartinMUC, November 2021: they have a IQOS and other vapes smoking box inside the tobacco POS approximately across A11, but vapes only...

From Niclas, 6th July 2019: If you are transiting and have some time, just exit the terminal, smoke outside & enter again. Yes, safety control again at entry but usually pretty swift. Done it several times. CS (by Gate A10?) offers a service guide to smoking outside as well. Unnecessary, its the same procedure. NB! You cannot exit the terminal if you follow Transfer flight signs.

No Smoking areas. Thanx to Darren Hilton for the information.


Passengers are not permitted to use electronic cigarettes within the premises. Where you are intending to carry cigarettes in your hand luggage, please check with your airline to ensure they are allowed on board the aircraft.

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