Smoking at Gran Canaria - La Palma Airport (SPC)  

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals and at an outdoor area pre-security.

After Security Smoking

Update from Steven P: Leaving Palma today. 14 Sept 2019 and the smoking area is now opposite gate 12. Just to the right hand side for the exit out. It’s signposted

Update from Fernando P:, Aug 2019: I’m currently at the Santa Cruz de La Palma airport (SPC), in the Canary islands, expecting a few hours of not smoking, however, I’m glad to comment that there’s a terrace not mentioned in your website. It’s located after the security control, and it’s not only big, but it enjoys from beautiful views of both the mountains and the sea. Please see attached a few pictures I just took.

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