Smoking at Alicante - Elche Airport (ALC)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Chris Gibson, July 2023: Smoking in Budweiser lounge near gate C38. Large beer was €6.

Update from David T, December 2022: We are currently sitting in the smoking area at the airport. You do have to buy a drink but get a pass to come and go as you please. its a decent walk from security. But worth it!

Smoking at Alicante - Elche Airport (ALC)

Update from John P., Dec 2021: Just leaving Alicante and thought I'd give an update. The terrace does exist and is owned by the Budweiser bar. It's at the bottom end of the terminal and there are some signs. You have to buy something to use it. Cheapest is font vella small bottle of water for €1.80.

Update from Ian, Dec 2021: Just to confirm there is now a smoking area at Alicante airport. it is accessed through the Budweiser bar at gate C38. but you need to purchase from the bar to access.

Update from Bartek, Nov 2021: There is a terrace for smoking. Follow signs, you will find Budweiser bar where the terrace is located. Buy a coffee or drink and enjoy.

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