Smoking at Palma de Mallorca Airport (Majorca) (PMI)

Zona Habilitada per a Fumar, Zona Fumadors - Terrassa

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.


Due to the very strict Covid-Rules imposed by the Baleares Gov. there is no smoking whatsoever in the entire airport.
If you want to have a smoke before to board a plane, you need to do it before you even arrive at the airport.

Even outside the terminal smoking is prohibited.

Only downstairs at the arrivals you might be able to find a spot away from the doors. At least my Taxi-Driver said something like "Don't worry, it's fine" :)

The Smoking Area at C42 is definitely closed as of right now.

Passenger Area

No Smoking

Section/Gate A

Update from Daniel: Update 28.07.2019. In Terminal A after security opposite Gate 8 is narrow passage to the smoking area terrace outside. Photo below.

Update from Unicorn, July 2019: Smoking area at Gate A08. Walk towards this gate and its to the left. Small terrace.

Update from Brenda G. April 2019: Definitely smoking areas after security. At Gate A08.

Smoking area in terminal A near A08. As of 13th Sept 2018. feedback from Dan.

Section/Gate B

Update from Laura: I thought people would be interested in knowing that there’s still no smoking area at Terminal B. July 2019

No Smoking

Section/Gate C

Update from Russell, Oct 2019: There is a smoking area near the Macdonald’s (I’m stood in it right now) in Terminal C area. Photos of area and approach below:

Update from Lukas R.,Aug 2019: Smoking is still allowed m, just opposite of Gate C42

Update from Brenda G. April 2019: Definitely smoking areas after security. Across from C42.

Section/Gate D

Update from Felix, Feb 2020: Just confirming there is no smoking area in Terminal D. I don't agree with Steven on his previous review (see below), you don't have to get out and go to B and go through the security again. There are 4 terminals grouped together, A with B and D with C. Just go to C42 and use that smoking designated area. It is an only 5 to 10 minutes walk, depending on your D gate. I was at D94 and took me 8 minutes to C42, right now on February 24 2020.

Tip from Steven: Just been through and had 3 hours before my flight, went to find a smoking area and there are none - however security are more than happy for you to leave and re-enter but you have to go back through security. Make sure you have enough time before your flight. It takes around 2 minutes from burger king (head near gate B to the travellator and round, speak with security at no pass back gate and they let you through). 12th August 2017.

For connecting flights you may need to enter Spain and smoke outside terminal then go through Security again for your flight.

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