Smoking at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) (Moskau Scheremetjewo)

место для курения

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal B

Update from Mikhail F and Seva L, June 2022: Official smoking area in the "clean zone". Between gates 117 and 118.

SVO smoking

Terminal D

Update from Harri N., Dec 2019: Smoking is still possible in Business Lounge, fee to enter is 60 dollars. 2nd floor of the lounge.

Update August 2019 from Matthias: Smoking Area in Business Lounge "Moscow" still exists, Terminal D, between gate 29 and 30. Been there on August, 12 2019. It is not hidden (Sign "Smoke" over the door), but you need business class ticket or better to enter the area. There are no ashtrays, but plastic cups and water bottles, you know what to do.

Just want to confirm, that the smoking room already mentioned on the website is still available. Update from Jozef on the 19th Feb 2019.On a good day the clerk at the "secret place" will let you know that they don't give a flying f**K If you smoke in that one room with insane air conditioning and under pressure. No ashtrays are provided, as you "can't" smoke there. But plenty of plates to use as ashtrays. Fee is 50€ if no access otherwise, like Diners Club etc.  I will not name that place but smokers should seek the capital of Russia.  And you get food and drinks for that price too. Feedback from Dan V. on the 10th July 2018. Photo below.

Found smoking area in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport at terminal D between gates 29-30. Area isn't public but is located at business lounge "Moscow" on 4th floor. Access to members only (below photo if accepted memberships) or 3500 RUB if you don't have member card. Feedback from Jurijs on the 7th May 2018.

There is no smoking area inside, the map is wrong. But there is some IQOS shop where you can "smoke" and try the IQOS "cigarette" That has saved our life :). Feedback from Gery on the 30th November 2017.

There is no smoking area in this terminal. Feedback from Natali on the 15th March 2018.

Terminal E

Inside Space Lounge (Sky Team & Priority Pass affiliated), there is a nice smoking area. Looks like it was recently converted from a conference room, because the "no smoking" sign is still inside. Feedback from Grega B on the 10th June 2018.

This Terminal appears to have no other smoking areas

Terminal F

This Terminal appears to have no smoking areas

For connecting flights you may need to enter Russia and smoke outside terminal then go through Security again for your flight.

Most of the smoking areas were closed by court order in 2014.

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