Smoking at Malta's International Airport (MLA)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Michael F., January 2023: Malta Airport (MLA) all Info on the Homepage is correct, they even have machines with individual packs solt at the public smoking area! I recommend giving the airport a better rating, since it’s a small airport and hardly to miss the smoking areas! It’s a paradise

NOTE: Passengers travelling to the UK and Rep of Ireland must make use of the smoking area before they pass through border control into the Non Schengen gate area. There is no smoking beyond this point and you cannot go back once you've went through the passport booths.

Update from John P., Nov 2021: Malta airport has a lovely smoking area at one end of the terminal by gate 1 past the cafe called Relish. I think it's theirs but I didn't get challenged for not buying anything. Here's a couple of pics.

Update from Holger, Jan 2020: The "Lavalette" lounge, which serves entitled passengers of all airlines departing from MLA and which offers entry for a fee, has a beautiful terrace overseeing the airfield on which smoking is also permitted.

There is now no smoking area past the secondary passport check after security, it was closed a few years back.

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