Smoking at Rome - Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

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Before Security Smoking

Throughout the airport smoking areas are available:

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1:

Update from Oli, October 2022: oct, 29 2022. smoking area still open at the gate A5. small but does the trick. 3 hashtrays per cabine which are 4m long by 1.5m wide.

FCO smoking FCO smoking

Update from RB14, October 2022: Smoking lounge alive and well. Next to BA and Plaza Premium lounges upstairs

Update from Chainsmoker, Sept 2022: Not a “7 cigarettes” airport, it should rank at 5 cigarettes. you can’t sit and it was very crowded. - Note from Airportsmokers: the 7 ranking is not for quality but quanity, but from the feedback we have reduced this airport to 6/10.

Update from Theodoros, February 2022: ITALY – ROME (FCO), T1, Gates A1-10

There is one smoking booth opposite of gate A3, limited to two persons (due to covid19). Also another two booths located beside gate A5, also limited to two persons each. Good signs and ventilation. No chairs.

FCO smoking FCO smoking FCO smoking 2022 FCO smoking

Update from Theodoros, Nov 2019.Terminal 1 – Gates B - There is one more smoking area close to gate B20.

Departures area on the airside -  immediately after the security checks in the shops and restaurant area

Terminal 1 departures area on the airside -  immediately after the security checks in the shops and restaurant area. Photo below from Theodoros, Oct 2019.

Boarding area B, near gate B 11 and between gates B05-B07. Photo below from Theodoros, Oct 2019.

Boarding area C, near gate C 08

Boarding area D, near gates D 02 and D 05

Boarding area E51-52

Boarding E31-44, near gate E38

Boarding E11-24, near gate E14

There are three smoking lounges, located on the Mezzanine level of T1, in Boarding Area D and Boarding Area G.

Update from Adam, 12th July 17:

There are at least 2 booths airside. One by the gates E1-8 area, and another by gate E14, behind the duty free shop.

Information from Luca:

There are lots of smoking rooms inside all terminals, they used to be bigger but even if smaller now are present. Max 6 smokers per cabin (often 8 fit) . Smoking outside terminals is extremely common with ashtrays everywhere, actually outside terminal os rare to see a non smoking sign. In 90 percent of outside area smoking is permitted.

Terminal 2


Terminal 3

Update from Puffer21, February 2023: Update on Terminal 3, Feb 2023. It has at least 3 smoking areas after security/passport control. One fair sized one beside the BA lounge plus 2 much smaller cubicles that are maybe for one or two people at most. These are located near gates 4 and 14. All are signposted.

Departures , on the airside, in the restaurant area (upper level).

Feedback from Joseph: There is a smoking lounge in British Airways in T3 gate E area, second floor. 4th October 2017.

Maps of Smoke Areas

Mezzaninine T1

mezzaninine T1 and boarding area B

Boarding area D

Boarding areas D

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