Smoking at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

There are several smoking areas in the airport located near to all the gates.

Schengen (gates 5–36):

Confirmation from Olivia, May 2023: Confirm that the smoking area at Gate 12 in the Helsinki airport Vantaa still work, is open and we'll ventilated

Update from Simi, April 2023: Smoking area at the gate 12 Schengen area is open and well ventilated. There is still a smoking area open close to gate 28 on the upper level, stairs next to a bookshop.

Update from Slave, Oct 2022: There is still a smoking area near Gate 12.

Update from Glenn B, Sept 2022: Helsinki airport, After security Schengen area, Across gate D15, Stairs going up. Right to toilets, Left to smoking area

Hel Smoking

Update from Manfred, Sept 2022: There is a smoking room at HEL Helsinki airport, located at the upper level close to gate 28.
Open and nice seating. Pictured below.
And at gate 12 there is also one Smoking area open

 HEL smoking hel smoking

Smoking area are at gate 12 in departures area.

Update, Aug 2021 from Matias: Smoking area at gate 12 is still there and open.

Non-Schengen areas (gates 37–55):

Update from M., July 2023: Opposite Duty Free, gate 40, as Iain said, still open.

Update from Ankit, May 2023: I can confirm (today, May 13, 2023), there is a large smoking area just before approaching gates 50 (non-schengen). it is located right next to Burger King and in front of the FinnAir Service Desk.

Update from Noname, November 2022: Big smoking booth near gate 50. Right next to Burger King.

Hel Smoking

Smoking area opposite opposite duty free shop (near gate 40 in T2) still open. Update from Iain B., Dec 2021.

Smoking at HEL

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