Smoking at Prague's Valcav, Ruzyne International Airport (PRG)

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Before and After Security Smoking


All smoking areas past security were closed on the 1st May 2018. You are allowed to smoke only on one of fourteen seats at the entrance to the airport.

E-Cigarette's liquid restriction may also come into place with you not being allowed your e-Cigs past security.

Feedback from Kateřina T on the 16th April 2018: According to statement from PRG Airport Officials there will be NO smoking allowed inside airport as of May the 1st. Smoking will be allowed only outside. See (in Czech).

English translation:

Also known as Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG)

Terminal 1:    

No Smoking

Terminal 2:

No Smoking

Images of Old Smoking Areas

Smoking area in Terminal 1, Prague Airport (Closed 1st May 2018)

Smoking area in Terminal 2, Prague Airport (Closed 1st May 2018)

terminal 2 smoking area PRG     

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