Smoking at Brno–Turany Airport (BRQ)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Izidor, January 2023: Unfortunatelly the "smoking capsule" was removed during corona times :( so there is no place where you can smoke after security check. Confirmed on my own by searching the whole airport and also confirmed with the staff working there. At least it is really small airport and not that busy, so you would need just few mintues for getting through security and to find your gate, so you do not need to spend 2 hours waiting somewhere inside after security. I would not give it more than 2 cigarettes out of 10 anyways.

Feedback from Daniel, 14th April 2017: I can confirm that brno has a small smoking cabin post security. 6 people max

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