Smoking at Göteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

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After Security Smoking

Update from Chris, Mat 2023: Smoking area after passport control for non Schegen passengers is next to gate 23.

Update from Glenn, March 2023: We have changed the airports ratings thanx to this feedback.

  • When you arrive from outside the EU non Schengen except UK the passport control is on level 4. Also on level 4 there is a smoking area 100 meters before the passport control. After this passport control you must go straight to the luggage reclaim area where there is no smoking area.

  • After passing customs there is a smoking area outside the terminal about 30 meters from the building. For schengen departure and arrival the old smoking area near gate 19A is still there. And for arrival from the UK and all non schengen departures on level 2 the smoking area is 100 meters from the passport control near gate 22.

  • So in GOT airport after the security check the nearest smoking area will never be more than a 5 minutes walk away. So 4 out of 10 is not accurate. Maybe 7 out if 10.

Update from Glen, March 2023: The smoking area near gate 19A is updated and still there. 19A is in the Schengen area near the passport control and the exit. A new smoking area near gate 22 in the non Schengen area has been added. This is about 100 meters from the passport control.

  • Update from Niels on the 6th July 2019: There is now a new stringent policy regarding smoking in front of the terminal. Designated areas only, and they're not easy to find. Smoking area behind security remains as is. Here is an updated terminal map.

  • There is one smoking room at the airport, across from Gates 19A/20A, right before the passport check, and right before baggage claim (if you’re arriving). It’s quite a walk from e.g., Gate 11, and no conveyor belts to transport you there.

  • Once you clear the passport check for non-Schengen flights, there’s no more smoking according to the website (and contrary to the map posted here). This includes flights to the UK. There is not usually a line for the passport check, as the airport has very few non-Schengen destinations. So one can wait with the passport check until just before boarding commences. Perhaps one could even leave the non-Schengen zone and re-enter, but one should double-check that with airport staff.

  • Sometimes gates 19/20 are used for non-Schengen flights (mostly to the UK), and then those specific gates are separated with a glass wall from the area in which the smoking room is located. The only way to reach them from gate 19B/20B, as they are then designated, would be back through the passport checkpoint. Gates 11-18 still offer access to the smoking room on those occasions. But mind the walk from gates 11-14.

Feedback from Niels on the 10th July 2018.

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