Smoking at Riga international Airport (RIX)

smēķēšanas zona, место для курения

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Before Security

Smoking is only permitted in a designated area outside the terminal in front of the building both on departure and arrival floors, it is a small area.

Much of this info and clarification for smoking areas were provided by Tom T. on the 8th May 2019.

After Security

update on Riga Airport (Latvia) from Bjørn H., August 2023: Smoking after security and duty free, behind the cakes and bakes. And before C3 there is a little coffee shop with a smoking cabin.

Update from Klaus, Aug 2019: Three is a little Smoking Cabin behind the "Needstop" Cafeteria right opposite of Gate C2. I also confirm the smoking terrace in the left side right After security control at the beginning of sector B.

You can smoke on terrace next to the cafe just past security opposite the duty free at Riga airport, feedback from Hege on the 19th June 2018.

There is an open-air smoking area after passing the security check. It is nicely located next to the cafeteria. Thanks to Marcus for this information. This information was confirmed by Sebastian C on the 2nd February 2017.

The cafeteria mentioned is the main cafe right after the security check. Feedback from Rene on the 2nd July 2018.

Non-Schengen Flights (After passport control, when leaving the EU)

For Non-Schengen flights, there's also a smoking area near gate c10/c12 after passport control, from Pedro on the 29th August 2017.

Walk down the stairs, after the Passport Control booths. You can use the smoking room. You can also use this troom if your flight departs from the top floor.

Schengen Arrivals (From within EU)

If you arrive from a Schengen area, you can smoke on the Cafe Terrace also at arrivals. Before claiming your baggage (except at night, when it is closed.)

Non-Schengen Arrivals (From outside the EU)

When arriving you will need to wait until you have collected your baggage and walk to the street.

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