Smoking at Keflavík International Airport (KEF)

Airport Rating


Before Security Smoking

Smoking is allowed in  permitted areas outside the terminals.

Feedback from Glenn B: Oct 2022: This airport is a 10/10. Smoking areas outside the airport are available. With such good feedback the airport is now changed to 7/10.

Continued feedback from Glenn B: Oct 2022: To the gates before passport control. There is one across passport control to Gate .

KEF smoking KEF

After Security Smoking

Information from Terry: The airport is actually Keflavik (KEF) and for years never had a smoking area but since last year it does! A very nice airport (although like everything in Iceland very expensive) and the smoking area after security is opposite the toilets in the food and bar area on the left side of the terminal as you enter after walking through the duty free store. You can take your drink from the bars into the smoking area.

Gate A & C

Update from Grega B., 27th May 2019: The Schengen area smoking is right behind the escalator access to Saga lounge, next to the elevator, between gates A and C, directly opposite passport control.

Gate D

Feedback from Ellen, Dec 2023: Smoking area is next to the stairs to go down to the toilets, opposite the ATMs. The signs in the photo are if you are coming from D gates, from passport control it is the other way around. There is a small sign on the wall and door leading to the outdoor smoking area.

KEF smoking KEF

Continued feedback from Glenn B: Oct 2022: After passport control to D gates.There is a white door near the stairs that is clearly marked as a smoking area.

KEF KEF smoking

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