Smoking at Sofia Airport (SOF)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals. Paid smoking inside. Details below.

After Security Smoking

VIP Terminal

You can book into the VIP terminal via Sofia Airport's website, cost is €50 - no matter which flight you're on or from which terminal.

You can smoke right up to the last minute before boarding, at the end after everyone or before everyone, as you prefer. There's separate security and a private car takes you to the plane. Also a small shop, selling very cheap cartons of smokes, maybe the cheapest in Europe?

Feedback from Jaro on the 3rd Aug 2018.

Terminal 1

Sofia terminal 1 has no smoking in departures or arrivals, only outside. Feedback from Simon H. on the the 23rd Aug 2018.

T1 has no smoking facilities despite advertising such. Feedback from Jaro on the 3rd Aug 2018.

Sofia's airport's terminal 1 lounge website claims smoking is allowed, but it is not. You can just pay 16 euro to just sit. Even at Information before security I was told I could smoke. Feedback from Pavel, 1st September 2017.

Terminal 2

Update from Bogdan, October 2022: The newly renovated lounge has been renamed to Aspire. Spent a ton of time trying to figure out where the mysterious Preslav lounge was before I figured it out. You need to go into the basement and follow the arrows to the Aspire.

Update from, July 2022: Preslav Lounge in T2 has been renovated. The smoking room now shows a No Smoking sign stating "electronic smoking devices only". However there are ashtrays on the tables and people are still smoking real cigarettes.

smoking in sofia airport

Update from Liv, Dec 2019: Smoking only allowed in Pretslav lounge in terminal 2. 35BGN fee for the lounge including complimentary WiFi, alcohol, soft drinks and snacks.

Sofia terminal 2 has smoking only in the executive lounge which can be accessed for 12 EURO. They have a smoking room, snacks and complimentary soft drinks beer and wine. Otherwise smoking is only allowed outside of the terminal. Feedback from Simon H. on the the 23rd Aug 2018.

You can also still smoke in Preslav Lounge in T2 - €18 entry fee. Feedback from Jaro on the 3rd Aug 2018.

There is a paid smoking facilities inside the terminal. It is located in the Preslav Lounge, located in terminal 2 after security on level 0. The price for a single visit invitation up to 3 hours is EUR 18 that can be paid at lounge entrance in cash (in BGN or EUR) or with a credit card. Opening times vary.

For connecting flights you may need to enter Bulgaria and smoke outside the terminal then go through Security again for your flight.

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