Smoking at Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Thais, March 2023: SJJ has a nice smoking lounge . Photo below

SSJ smoking

Absolutely worlds most smoker friendly airport.   just check my bags, passed passport check and walked around with cigarette in mouth.    the cafe in the middle of airport has ashtray on every table. After security a large smoking area - and very small area for non smokers. Please change your report - this place is 10+/10. Nothing in Europe comes close to smoker friendly airport. Feedback from Admir K. on the 14th March 2018.

The VIP lounge has ashtrays, but costs over 50 euro for 30 minutes access and must be booked in advance. They do not advertise smoking though, so ask before you book. See photo below.

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