Smoking at Da Nang International Airport (DAD)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1 (Domestic)

Update from Rene, February 2023: Domestic Terminal smoking lounge at the far right end of the terminal after Gate 8, next to Heineken Lounge. Note that updates on this site that refer to gates 1-11 are about the domestic terminal.

Update from Kevin L.: Still open after gate 7, signposted, 08th JUNE 2019

The smoking lounge is beside Gate 7, in the Heineken bar. Feedback from Sasha on the 26th December 2017.

Terminal 2 (International)

Update from John P, February 2023: Da Nang airport international terminal in Vietnam has a good sized smoking room at the very end of the terminal by Crystal Jade kitchen. There are 2 smoking rooms at da nang. Either end of the airport

Da Nang smoking room

Update from Anja,November 2022: Airport Da Nang: smoking room still exists airside.

Da Nang Smoking area

Nov 2019, from Kate S.: A picture of the smokers lounge in Da Nang Airport, Vietnam. Its to the right of the Heineken bar. Thank you a lot for your great work! Keep it up!

Smoking area is a large room on the corridor leading to the departure gate.

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