Smoking at Dubai International Airport (DXB)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Feedback from Nicola 19th January 2017: Well worth upgrading to Business Class with Emirates if passing through Dubai.  Not only do you get spoiled for choice with food options in the Emirates lounge - you can also smoke in about a quarter of the area in complete comfort and good ventilation. Very comforting after a 16 hour flight from Auckland. Dubai's dedicated smoking booths get a little foggy to say the least.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1:

Update from Charlie, March 2022: Here's an update on DXB Terminal 1. There are two smoking areas in D gates.  The first is a Winston branded room.  It is upstairs in the area of Gate 1.  It's not very well marked.  Just follow the signs to Airport lounges and you should see the signs.

The second is a Camel lounge which is on the main floor between gates 12 and 13.

Smoking lounge DXB airport DXB smoking area

Update from Louisa, Nov 2019: Just to let you know there’s a smoking lounge at gate A23.

Update from Terry O'S., Jan 2019: Gate D12, Upper level

Terminal 2: 

Near the departure boarding lounge.

Terminal 3: 

Update from Kerryman, June 2023: I can confirm Winston smoking lounge at Gate B3 (2 entrances, on from center isle, 1 from connecting isle (Between Gate B3 and center isle).

 I can confirm Winston smoking lounges at C21 and opposite C6/C8 (this has cleanest air). Smoking at rear of Sky lounge in Terminal stopped 6 months ago.

Update from Henk, June 2023: There is a little smoking booth inside The Gallary lounge. it is located at the back of the lounge. The lounge is beside the Winston smoking lounge.

Update from Snowwhite, December 2022: There is quite a big Winston smoking loung close to Gate B3, can't miss it!

DXB smoking DXB smoking

Update May 2021 from Bill: Smoking at Gate 27 was moved to near Gate 25 above the Hard Rock Cafe (up the stairs, Winston brand logo is visible)

Update from Denim W, Oct 2019: B7 gate is closed for upgrades. C 23 is huge and air con.

Update from Kim B. on the 9th Feb 2019: Just to say that the SKY Bar near gate C16 at terminal 3 Dubai Airport has a smoking section at the back that's airy and overlooks runway.

Update from Terry O'S.: As of January 2019 Terminal 3 at DXB has 5 smoking rooms close to gates A9, A23, B7, C9 and C23. As mentioned by other travelers, there are also larger smoking areas inside the Emirates lounges 

Terminal 3: Feedback from Allie 27th March 2017: Can confirm Dubai Emirates business lounge has massive open smoking area with full bar and loads of seats.

The smoking room by B27 is now gone.  On concourse B there is still one by B7 but its poorly ventilated and seriously overcrowded. Feedback from Liam on the 3rd August 2018.

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