Smoking at Istanbul's New Airport (IST)

Also known as the New Istanbul Airport

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Before Security, New Airport:

On arrival to Istanbul Airport you can't use the smoking terraces and you can only smoke outside the terminal after baggage claim.

After Security, New Airport:

Update from Mike F. on the 7th June 2019: Istanbul has many smoking areas called Teras They are at junction of C, D and E and in F, B and D at the far end of each. Very busy by business lounges quieter elsewhere.

Update from Adam P. 20th May 2019: There’s an outdoor smoking terrace on domestic side on the left about 50m after passing Starbucks opposite the tobacco shop.The terrace to the left of E1 for international flights. Photo below.


Update from Tom T., on the 8th May 2019: The Istanbul Atatürk Airport is closed for good, as all traffic (as well as the airport code IST) was transferred to Istanbul New Airport on April 6.

The new airport (called just Istanbul Airport or Istanbul New Airport) has covered smoking terraces all over the departure area (airside, after security). There is a smoking terrace in every wing A to F, maximum 6-8  minutes walk from any gate (as well as in the area between the wings). Just follow the TERRACE signs (there is no word SMOKING written on them, but they are terraces designed for smokers, where you can also drink your coffee or beer taken from cafeteria or shop).

Great solution for smokers, compared to the old Atatürk Airport - 9/10.

On landside, you can smoke outside the airport building before entering the terminal - and on airside (after security) on any of those terraces.

Update from Joana 1st May 2019: Just traveling from the new Istanbul airport and from the airport map I saw there are a number of smoking areas after security (around 5 or 6 at least!). There is one next to gate C1 and another one next to gate E1. Look out for the terrace signs (they do not mention smoking area on their signs)

New Airport photos from Rene F, Dec 2018:


Old Airport:

Now Closed

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