Smoking at Bangkok - Don Mueang International Airport (DMK)

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Vaping, Heat not Burn and E-Cigs are also banned. See here.

Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking before security:

Update: Since Feb 3rd 2019 all indoor smoking rooms have been closed in at least Bangkok DMK airport. Domestic didn't have any, but international did. The rooms are physically locked now and there is a no-smoking sign with a 2000 Baht fine warning on the door.

International Departures: (Terminal 1)

From John P., Feb2023: Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK) same old story throughout Thailand so far. Smoking area outside the check in hall at the end of the terminal, nothing after security.

No smoking

Domestic Departures: (Terminal 2)

From Daniel J., Jan 2020: Parking Building 2, small container used as a smoking room. All other spaces No Smoking.

No smoking areas confirmed by Robert on the 27th March 2018.

Yet to be confirmed (due to email bouncing), but Derek sent us and email on the 2nd Feb 2018 to say there is no smoking areas in Domestic Departures.

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