Smoking at Malé Velana International Airport (MLE) 

ވެލާނާ ބައިނަލްއަޤުވާމީ ވައިގެ ބަނދަރު

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Update from John P., March 2023: This is the outdoor smoking area landside at Malé.

After Security Smoking

International Terminal

Update from John P. April 2023: Malé Velana Intl has a smoking area outside the terminal (with an unbelievable view) and also one in departures around the corner from Burger King and the coffee shop. Poor ventilation as previously reported but at least they have one.

MLE smoking MLE MLE

Update from Niek, Feb 2023: Smoking area moved, go past burger king into the deating area, go down and you will 'ow find it on the right. ventilation is still very poor.

Velana smoking

Update from Péter S, March 2022: In Maldives, Malé the Velana International Airport has after security indoor smoking area. Pretty dirty and the air circulation is very poor, but exists.

Update from John M., Dec 2019: Smoking area airside. Marked, but poorly. Pass through security and walk past Burger King to the seating area a few steps down. Smoking room is in the far left corner.

John Rates the area 1/10.

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