Smoking at Penang International Airport (PEN)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Update from Ka Wing B., May 2023: Outside the airport the designated area is at the far end of the airport after Gate 6. If you are walking out of the airport just keep going left until you see the smoking sign

Penang smoking PEN smoking

After Security Smoking

Update from Ka Wing B., May 2023: After security and immigration, keep walking right. There is a smoking room just before the last gate A6 and next to the Old Town Coffee.

PEN smoking

Update from Suzanne, August 2022: Smoking room is still open as of August 2022.

Update from Terry, 28/11/2016: Penang (PEN) does have a smoking room after security. It is a very small terminal but as you enter after security and Immigration, turn to your right and walk past several shops, the smoking room is at the end on the right but before the toilets.

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