Smoking at Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking at Narita Airport is prohibited both inside and outside the passenger terminals to eliminate the possible effects of "secondhand smoke" except in designated smoking areas. 

After Security Smoking

However, there are 14 smoking areas at terminal 1 and 19 areas at terminal 2.

Smoking room Smoking Lounge

Terminal 1:

Floor 1: There are 5 smoking areas.

Floor 2: There are 3 smoking areas.

Floor 3: There are 7 smoking areas.

Floor 4 (Satellite): There are 5 smoking areas.

Floor 5: There are 4 smoking areas.

Terminal 2:

Main Building Floor 1: There are 6 smoking areas.

Main Building Floor 2: There is 1 smoking area.

Main Building Floor 3: There are 5 smoking areas.

Main Building Floor 4: There are 2 smoking areas.

Connecting corridor to satellite building has 1 smoking area.

Satellite building has 4 smoking areas.

Terminal 3

Update from Dean, March 2023: Terminal 3 is almost finished but open and there is a smoking area after check in and secuirty next to the food court and there is also a smoking lounge airside next to another cafe near gate 150

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