Smoking at Surabaya - Juanda International Airport (SUB)

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Before Security Smoking

No smoking on arrivals, before security you can smoke curbside.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1:

Update from Theodoros (Dodo), January 2023: No official smoking room in T1 - Domestic departures, with a lot of "NO SMOKING" signs everywhere. I discovered a smoking area at "Gloria Jean's Coffee" near gate 8, with a minimum order 50.000 Rp (abt 3,5 USD)

SUB smoking - t1 sub smoking

Terminal 2:

Update for Terminal 2: Juanda Terminal 2 has smoking rooms in both the domestic and international departures areas after security.  The Garuda Lounge in Terminal 2 domestic has additional smoking rooms. (Thanx Liam 7th January 2017)

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