Smoking at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Mumbai (BOM)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

Terminal 2 (Arrivals):

Level 2, between baggage belts 1 & 2, also level 2, near belt 5 and level 2, near belt 12

After Security Smoking

After Security:

Terminal 1B:

Between Departures Gates 1 and 2 at the check-in area of Terminal 1B

Terminal 1C:

Between Gates A6 and A7 and opposite gate A3

Terminal 2 (International):

Update from Henk, June 2023: There is a smoking area to the right after clearing immigration and fhe duty free shops. it is however very crowded compared to the one beside gate 68.

Level 4, At the Retail area and Level 3, Near Gate 68 & South West Pier

Terminal 2 (Domestic):

Update from John P., April, 2023: Mumbai BOM T2 Domestic another smoking lounge between Gate 48-49.

BOM smoking BOM

Update from John P., March 2023: Can confirm in Mumbai that by baggage belt 5-6 there's a smoking area and also that the one at Gate 42 airside is there.

Level 3, at the Retail area. Photo below is of this smoking area. Provided by Nicola on the 12th March 2017. She also says it is a very clean area.

Terminal 2 (Domestic) smoing area

Terminal 3:

No info at present.

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