Smoking at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

吸煙區, Xīyān qū

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1 Domestic

Update from Jörg, Aug 2019: Terminal 1 Domestic flights have a smokers room in Area  B downstairs next to Gates B13-18.

Unverified Feedback from Rob on the 22nd July 2018: T1 Domestic has more than 1 smoking areas airside.

Terminal 1 International Departure

Update and photos from from YK Song, 20th July 2019: Next to gate A01-A06, down to 1st floor there is a smoking room with electronic lighter installed. Air conditioning is good and there is also a cigarette store!

Terminal 2:

Update from Stefan P., February 2023: Smoking Area near Gate A50 but one level below the Gates. Take the staircase down where you will find als electric cigarette lightnig devices.

Update from Pete, Oct 2019 : I’m there right now and the smoking area next to gate A63 still exits

From Christoph F., April 2019: Smoking area in T2 after security check, near garea B60-B78 (downstairs). Image below

Terminal 2 has a smoking section in the domestic area by gate B60. Update from Lindsey on the 17th Jan 2019.

In Guangzhou there is smoking area in Terminal 2 gate B50, photo below, Update from Christophe L., Jan 17th 2019:

Great update from Martin on the 10th Oct 2018: Terminal 2 now have a smoking area after the security /boarder line (International flights).The smoking area is near the gate A63

Update from Sulayman on the 2nd June 2018: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport CAN there is no smocking allowed inside the terminal at all I have taken a local and an international flights from Terminal 2 in this trip and no smoking inside at all. Outside the terminal there are few areas but after check in you won’t find any rooms

For connecting flights you will now need to enter China and smoke outside the terminals and go through security again for your flights.

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