Smoking at Miami International Airport (MIA)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is permitted only in designated curbside areas on the first and second level, across the street from the terminal.

After Security Smoking

Official policy: There are no smoking areas past security checkpoint. Smoking is permitted only in designated curbside areas on the first and second level, across the street from the terminal, but.....

Terminal D, East

No smoking areas, but you should be able to walk to Terminal D, West. Update needed

Terminal D, West

Update from SmokerJ.,April 2023: TGIFriday's has an Open-Air Smoking Lounge located between Gates D35 and D36.

MIA Miami smoking area

Update from Travis B., January 2023: The TGI Fridays detached bar area is still an open air (see no ceiling, umbrella like structure though) smoking area. Purchase required. Smoking area/bar closes at 9pm local.

MIA smokinh, Miami airport

Update from KC, December 2022: Smoking lounge outdoors is still open on Dec 15 2022, across from entrance to tgi fridays

Update from Kive on the 16th June 2019: Gate 36 TGIF now opens at 7am daily. Pleasant surprise for those doing early morning international connections. They also serve a full breakfast.

Update from Robert K. on the 10th Sept 2018: Smoking allowed outside the Terminal in designated areas. One smoking facility after security: near gate D36 at the bar of T.G.I. Fridays, located on the opposite side of the main T.G.I.F. "Purchase is required for entry to the smoking lounge." It should be possible to smoke without purchase if you do not stay that long...

Update: you cannot get to terminal D from another terminal without re going through security. So you can only smoke terminal side if already in terminal D. Feedback from Julie, 26th November 2017.

Update: 9th November 2017: The smoking area here is hosted by T.G.I. Fridays on the opposite side of the terminal from the main TGIF restaurant. Figured a little more specificity might not hurt. It has a full bar and full menu from TGIF and as the flyers before have said, it is "open air" of sorts, but has some fans to help the ventilation which is alright.

The hours of operation for the smoking area at MIA are 08:00-21:30. Updates from Ted.

Update: 24th October 2017: There is a smokers lounge at Gate D36 by TGIF with open air smoking inside airport. Tip the waitress if you don’t order anything. Lots of folks in here. Feedback from Roo. New photo also provided below.

Thanx to Robert W. for photos who found the smoke area very convenient and friendly and also Roo.


T.G.I. Fridays (Terminal D, West)

Terminal D, West Map

Terminals E to J

I just read that you cannot reach Terminal D from any other terminal without going through security again. That's in fact not true. Terminal D and Terminal E are connected after going through security. So you can go to the smoking lounge easily if your flight departs in Terminal E. Feedback from Laura on the 2nd March 2018.

Maybe no smoking areas or access to smoking areas.

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