Smoking at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals before security.

E-Cigarette use is not permitted in any of the terminals and all the lounges are definitely non smoking.

After Security Smoking

Top Tip: Signs for "Tom Bradley International Terminal" in Terminal 4 (and likely others too) are actually labeled "Terminal B." If you follow signs for this you will find it much easier. Also once entering TBIT from Terminal 4, follow signs for gate 130. Once downstairs in the food court area, keep going past Panda Express, KFC, and Umami burger. Can't miss the sign after that.

Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) (Terminal B)

Update from Alberto, Jan 2021: As for Jan 2022 the smoking area is still open. It's a beautiful oudoor patio with seating located just behind the food court. Walk across the food court past KFC and Umami Burger and you will find a big sign telling you to turn left. Also airport WiFi is sort-of working on the outside which is a bonus.

From Raymond, Oct 2021: The smoking lounge is still there as of August 2021. Its a hike and a bit hard to find. the area still looks the same as previous photos.

Update from Charles, Nov 2019: Smoking area in Terminal B International is functioning; pole trays, standing area.There is small speaker announcing flight departures, stand close to it to hear. Outside Domestic terminals are smoking areas. LAX provides no airport maps.

Update from Deirdre H. on the 30th Aug 2019: The smoking patio is still open as of today 8/28/19 and an employee told me there are no current plans to close it.  What a great secret this was.  Only found it because of your site.

Directions: Aim for the big food court in TBIT near gate 130. Walk through the restaurants toward the back. There's some lifts back there and the sign for the smoking area can be seen from there. Photos Below.

Just to inform everyone that the smoking terrace at LAX TBIT is still there as of June 16th 2018.

Attached are some photos (see below). In one of the photos, the terrace is seen from gate 131.

GPS coordinates get from terrace: 33°56'39.1"N 118°24'35.8"W

Plus code: 8553WHVR+M2

Google Maps:

Terminal 1

No Smoking area.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 does not have a smoking area. Feedback provided by Shaun, 17th August 2017.

Terminal 3

No Smoking area.

Terminal 4

From Mike: Just wanted to update, as of today 17th November 2019 the TBIT smoking terrace is still open. From T4 security it is a 6min walk.

Update from Patrick H. on the 17th Jan 2019: You can walk from T4 to TBIT. The Smoking Area is still here. Distance to walk is about 10 Minutes.

 would suggest for anyone who’s using Terminal 4 at LAX and has someone who can keep an eye on their belongings to simply go outside the terminal back through security and smoke by the parking lot right across the main entrance. Make sure the security check isn’t too busy and the whole process should take around 15 mins out and back in. Feedback from Benny on the 20th Sept 2018.

Update from Greg on the 2rd Sept 2018: You might want to add that there’s connections after security to T4 as well for the smoking areas, can’t confirm others but i believe they might all be connected by now.

Terminal 5

Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX terminal still exists.  Was a bit of a hike from Terminal 5, but it did the trick.  Today is September 30, 2018. Chris M.

Update from Chris H on the 5th Feb 2018: I found the white whale in LAX tonight. From terminal 5 (gate 56) to the smoking arena in TBIT was a solid 15 min walk, but no problems at all. There’s are maps to get through the terminals and everything. Thanks again.

No Smoking area in Terminal 5 itself.

Terminal 6

No Smoking area.

Terminal 7

If someone has the time, I just walked outside of terminal 7 to smoke and walked back in pretty easily. The designated smoking area is just outside United Baggage claim, in between the signs for united and united express. You have to clear security again, but it was mellow. It's early right now but it only took me about 30 minutes. Feedback from Carla on the 5th March 2018.

Terminal 7 has no smoking area, but is undergoing some remodeling so that may change in the future. Feedback from Allison on the 3rd September 2017.

Terminal 8

No Smoking area.

Images of Smoke Areas

Andy M's Photos in TBIT (2019)


Smoking area in TBIT (2018)


Smoking area behind Unami Burger in Tom Bradley terminal.


Sign to smoking Balcony provided by Ivan.

Terminal Maps

Terminal 1 map - Terminal 2 map - Terminal 3 map - Terminal 4 map

Terminal 5 map - Terminal 6 map - Terminal 7 map - Terminal 8 map

Tom Bradley International Terminal


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