Smoking at Panama City's Tocumen International Airport (PTY)

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Before and After Security Smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Airports Grounds.

After Security Smoking

There are no smoking facilities inside the terminal.

For connecting flights you must enter Panama and then leave the airports property and smoke there.

Update from Pascal, Oct 2021: I know about the rules to smoke outside Airport grounds and explained this. But they said you need at least 6 hours connecting time to be allowed to immigrate. So no smoking for me as I have only 3 hours. I asked for the rule, and supervisor stated she decided this. Probably a hit or miss adventure as a smoker.

Update from Anne on the 1st July 2019:Strictly forbidden to smoke both cigarettes or vaping; no smoking area after security, I went to the toilet to vape...

Feedback provided by Mark M. on the 5th Feb 2017.

Follow these guidelines at your own risk.

It's a 5 minute walk to the "unofficial smoking area" once you leave the main terminal.  Walk to the very end of the undercover aisles of the carpark to the uncovered outside area, the no-smoking signs only apply to the area that is covered by a roof, you should be able to smoke unbothered once you're in the 'open air' carpark area.  

Alternatively, follow the signs for Public Transport. Once you are past the carpark guard's hut, provided there isn't a heavy flow of passengers, you can smoke on the walkway heading towards the main road. 

Feedback from Sarah on the 13th May 2017.

This airport is best avoided if you smoke.

Official Policy: Law 13, which is regulated by Decree 230 of May 6, prohibits the consumption of cigarettes in closed public access spaces where there is a concurrence of persons, as well as common areas of buildings for commercial, domestic and work use. In addition, there will be no smoking in open or closed physical areas with access to the public, in workplaces, access doors, parking lots, sanitary in general, any place with public activity of the terminal where collaborators and users concur.

The restriction applies to businesses, airlines, visitors, passengers, employees and the general public, whose purpose is to protect present and future generations from the serious havoc of tobacco use or exposure to cigarette smoke.

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