Smoking at Mexico City International Airport (MEX)

 Zona Habilitada per a Fumar

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Before Security Smoking

Also known as Benito Juárez International Airport (MEX)

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1:

Update from Anonymous, November 2022: 250 pesos for entry in November 2022. Free drinks and phone charging with reentry

Update from Peter, Mar 2020: The Smoking Lounge is located at Gate 19. The entry fee is 100 pesos, but it includes unlimited reentry and coffee, water and sodas. They also sell beer for 80 pesos each. It´s a very nice place to stay while waiting for your flight. I found their website

Update from ANA, Aug 2019: The smoking lounge is really comfortable, clean and with amazing costumer service, they offer drinks including coffee, water and sodas.

From Pasi in the 4th June 2019: Can confirm previous update about gate 19. Airport staff might not know the place. Located opposite Duty Free and corridor which leads to Iberia/AA/United lounges.

From John, 27th May 2019: Great! Now open is smoking lounge at Gate 19, the service hours is from 7am to 11pm and soon it will be 24/7. You can smoke and have soft drinks for 5 USD.

From Marsha, 15th May 2019: Hey, just an update for mexico city airport the smoking lounge in T1 next to gate 19 is open now. It opens at 7am don't know for how long, you have to pay for it at the moment 30 Mex pre-opening then it will increase to 80 Mex, multiple entry.

Terminal 2:

Update from DMITRIJ, February 2022: Smoking lounge is second flood, you can use elevator to access there, price now is 300 Pesos or approximately 14.50$ or 12.70€ + one coffer, beer or cocktail.

Update from Low Level Smoker,  Oct 2021: As of Oct 2021 the price has gone up to 150 Pesos or USD 9. I'm just not addicted enough. I suggest smoking before you go thru security.

Update from Zaipie, Feb 2020: Feb 23 2020, I can confirm the smoking lounge it still there in Terminal 2. The entry fee has gone up a bit to 100 pesos, but it includes infinite reentry and coffee, sodas and small water bottles. They also sell Heineken and a Mexican beer for 80 pesos each. You can pay with your Visa card. They mood is very relaxed with nice music, though it can be a bit hard to find as there are no signs. It is on the first floor overlooking the corridor of tax free shops. Picture included might clarify the location.

Update from Marion, 21.2.2020. The smoking Lounge is still open and on the same Location. Rates are now 100 MEX or 6 USD. You receive a Ticket which is valid for 24 hours. Water and Coffee is still included. For longer layovers we would say a cheap option.

Update from Ade, Dec 2019: Smoking lounge up the stairs where the VIP lounges are, in the main area. Entrance fee 80 Peso / 5 USD and you can pay with a card. For the fee you have complementary coffee and refreshments, tables with seats and good ventilation. Rating 10/10


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