Smoking at Cancun International Airport (CUN)

Zona Habilitada per a Fumar

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

After Security Smoking

Update from Marc X, January 2023: Now in all terminals in cancun is smoking forbidden also in the beer garden in terminal 3  Best regards from Marco 

Terminal 2 - Domestic/International

Update from Jack, January 2023: TGI friday no longer have a smoking area.

Update from Alex, March 2022: TGI Fridays has an outdoor smoking section/patio. $7 entry per person. Entry right past security via an elevator.

Terminal 3 - International

Update from James, Dec 2023: Cancun airport Terminal 3 - Guy Friars - December 23 - seems smoking is back and allowed , and it's signposted smoking area also .

Update from Lori, Dec 2023: Report from Dec 10-2023, the smoking patio/terrace at Guy Fieri's American Kitchen Bar Cancún in Terminal 3 IS OPEN and still has same rules: $10 per person for access, with that amount applicable to food and drink.

CUN smoking

Update from Kyle, January 2023: Guy Fieri's Beer Garden no longer allows smoking as of January 15, 2023 due to a new Mexican law not allowing places that serve food allow smoking at the airport. The banner on the garden door also shows the change from "Smoking" section to "Sunny" section.

Update from Andy, December 2022: The beer garden is great! $10usd admisstion includes a 32oz beer or another drink of your choice that is $10usd or less. Upon admission your are given a writsband for re-entry at anytime. The only downside is there is no WiFi in the smoking/beer garden.

From Airportsmokers: Any is obviously having a wonderful time. Enjoy!

CUN smoking area

Update from Victor G, August 2022: Just wanted to send an update that the beer garden is going strong. still $10 admission if you don't eat at the restaurant. Great option for smokers/vapers to get in those last minute puffs before the long flight home.

Update, Feb 2020 from Rob L.: Guy Feiri's smoking beer garden is still open. Pay $10, they give you a 32 oz beer and a wristband good all day.

Update, 14th April 2019 from Glenn B.: Cancun Airport Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar Airside smoking open US$10 to enter They’ll place a wristband on you and you’ll get in and out privileges. Photos below.

Terminal 4 - International

No Smoking, feedback from Thais K on the 2nd Feb 2018.

Bad news regarding Cancun Mexico; fellow traveller Brigitte was there in September; no more Guy Fieri and she asked airport staff: smoking is now only allowed outside before you go through customs... Info provided by Brigitte on the 12th November 2017.

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