Smoking at Casablanca, Mohammed V International Airport (CMN)

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Before Security Smoking

The smoking area is located outside the terminal.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1

Photos of smoking area from Theodoros, Dec 2019:

Update from Andy W., Nov 2019. There is a smoking lounge at F Gates in Casablanca Mohammed V.

Terminal 2

I confirm a smoking area "Winston" at terminal 2 after security checks between gates A3 and A2. Update from Charif, April 2019. Shaky Photo below.

Update from Rastko on the 1st June 2018: Smoking room now working at Casablanca international. Located between gates A3 and A2.

Update from Michal on the 4th May 2018,  I confirm there's a smoking room after the security check in, between gate A3 and A2.

Update 29th Jan 2018 from Greg: There is a smoking room inside Pearl Lounge in T2 on level 0.

Previously this airport had public smoking even know there was a ban. This is no longer the case.

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