Smoking at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport (ADD)

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Before Security Smoking

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside the terminals.

NOTE: Lighters will be confiscated by security if not well hidden among other metal stuff.

Update from Martin, June 2022: At the security check they took a lighter from me, which I had in my pocket, but not the lighters in my backpack.

After Security Smoking

Terminal 1

Update from Thomas on the 2nd Feb 2019: The old smoking booth has been knocked down and replaced with a smoking room, looks like a room from a horror movie but much bigger than the old booths so nicer. Smokers have to be aware if they are in transit they must go back through the pre-gate security checks and there's a good chance their lighter will be confiscated

Terminal 2

Update from Martin, June 2022: In the terminal for international departures (gates A, B, C) there is a smoking room, which is actually very well signposted, but only if you come from the direction of the C gates to the A gates with numbers smaller than 12. If you enter the terminal as a transfer passenger, you come from the other direction and don't see the sign.

Anyway, between gates A11 and A12, follow the signs to the prayer rooms away from the gate corridor to the shopping corridor behind, i.e. behind Craving's restaurant/bar.

The smoking room is behind the prayer rooms (around the corner). Here you can no longer miss the sign.

Update from Theodoros, Dec 2019: T2 of ADD airport recently renovated, so the main hall and areas in departure gates they were consolidated. There is one smoking area not far from gate 16. Also there are smoking areas inside each Ethiopian Airlines business Lounges, accessible only to business class passengers and holders of “Star Alliance” gold card.

Update from Holger: Not far from Cloud Nine Lounge and behind the prayer rooms there is a pretty big but shabby smoking room. The closest gate begins security is 19. Lighters will be confiscated by security if not well hidden among other metal stuff.

Does have a smoking room provided by Cloud Nine Lounge. You have to pay to access.

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